Case Studies

Francesca Smith - RentalStep


Francesca Smith is a Geography and French undergraduate from the University of Liverpool. She undertook a three month internship with RentalStep in June 2017, before returning to university to complete her final year.

Francesca, Marketing Intern for RentalStep told us a little about her experience.

“I was keen to get involved in the internship scheme for a number of reasons. This was a great chance to gain experience in the professional workplace that would leave me better prepared for the working world. At the same time, the internship gave me an insight into what it takes to start and grow a small company. I was also really interested in developing my skills in digital marketing, specifically using social media, raising brand awareness and tailoring content to your desired audience.”

Internship applicants shouldn’t be put off applying for positions, even if they seem un-related to their studies, Francesca explains.

“I liked the fact that, for RentalStep, the ideal candidate was not necessarily someone with a lot of qualifications, but an individual who was willing to learn and be enthusiastic about the work. Mike sounded like he was genuinely interested in my ideas and so I felt like I could really learn something from the experience. Speaking to friends who have interned in the past, having your voice heard and feeling that the experience is worthwhile is not always a given.”

Like many of our interns, Francesca is now due to return to university to complete her final year but she can see how her internship will complement her studies.

“Although I’m not studying a marketing related subject, working with RentalStep has helped me develop my writing skills, which are crucial to a BA degree. As a human geographer, I now have a better understanding of the property market which links to my studies of population growth, local economies and sociology modules. My research skills have definitely improved too.”

Francesca wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that other students and graduates get involved in our internship scheme.

“I feel like I’m much better equipped for my final year of studies and working life after my three months with RentalStep. It has been a much more valuable way of spending the summer break instead of part-time work where I wouldn’t be given the chance to develop such important workplace skills.”

To learn about RentalStep’s experience of taking part in our paid SME internship programme, and the benefits this programme brought to their business, visit Breakthrough.