How it works

If you believe your business could benefit from the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme, please email with a brief description of your company, where your business is located and which one of our partner universities you wish to work with. We welcome every industry, as long as your business meets the following criteria:

(a) Organisations must be registered and based in the UK.

(b) Eligible organisations include companies, sole traders, and partnerships.

(c) Participating SME’s can recruit a maximum of 2 interns (per SME) through each cycle of the Programme

(d) SME’s cannot apply for further Santander UK plc funding to either extend an intern contract or employ the same student or graduate after the internship has completed.

If a suitable candidate matches your requirements, the partner university’s careers department will contact you to talk about the opportunity and support the recruitment process.

If you are a student please contact your university careers department.

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